1. When is the 2022 Auction taking place?

We are pleased to be hosting our online auction from April 22 at 8 AM through April 30 at 4 PM. We will continue to make this an online only event. Hosted by renowned auction platform Bidding for Good, we will offer over many items from local and area businesses.

  1. What’s available this year?

Check our Bidding for Good portal starting on April 15 to take a look at all of our items so you can make a plan for when bidding opens on April 22.

  1. I’ll be out of town on the day of the Auction. How can I bid?

Now that we are entirely on line, you can bid from anywhere, and you have several days to do it! Bidding for Good offers a solid mobile platform as well, and you can even get alerts when you have been outbid. Since we are running over multiple days, and there are no boards with time limits, it’s only too late when the clock strikes 4 PM on April 30!

  1. Can I place a bid here via the web?

That’s the only place TO bid! You’re in luck!

  1. What are the accepted bid increments?

All bids are in whole dollar increments. Bid up a dollar, two, or five! Or more!

  1. How can I pay for the items I win?

Bidding for Good will take care of all credit card payments securely.

  1. How will I know if I have won?

At the conclusion of the auction on April 30, you will automatically be notified about which items you have won. Credit cards will be securely charged through Bidding for Good shortly by May 1.

  1. When and where can I pick up my items?

You will be alerted by email or text immediately at the close of the auction if you have won any items. Credit cards will be charged on Sunday, May 1. Pick up times will be Sunday, May 2, from 1-6 PM and Monday, May 2, from 3-7 PM. Pick up location is Avery Insurance on Washington Street in Claremont. We ask for your patience through the pick up process. Please wait in your car, have a mask ready, so we can practice safety by working with one winner at a time. For any items not picked up that day, we will touch base with you about next steps.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to email us at kiwanisauction@gmail.com and we will be happy to get back to you.